Nudge services are no longer available as of August 2010. This website is here for archival purposes only.

Nudge is an innovative reminder service designed to help you take your medication on time, every time! Ordered and paid for through your pharmacy when having a prescription filled, you can receive Nudge reminders either through a SMS message or a landline phone call. Simply ask your pharmacist when having your prescription filled at any participating pharmacy.

In Australia, one quarter of all prescription medication is never taken. This gap unfortunately accounts for about 80,000 hospitalisations and many deaths annually. Nudge was launched in July 2009 by young entrepreneurs Mark Parncutt, Marita Cheng and James Ramsay, who work in partnership with pharmacists to deliver a simple service that solves this major problem.


Receive a phone call reminding you to take your medication (landline phones only)


Prefer text messages? Nudge will send you an SMS reminder to your mobile phone.


Make sure you’re never short of repeat scripts. Nudge will remind you to pick up your repeat prescription with time to spare.

Free extras!

Like quirky facts? Or would you prefer a ‘quote of the day’ to inspire you? It’s available and free of charge.

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For more information, see our comprehensive frequently asked questions page.